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    (Rules)-Guild Recruitment-(12/04/2010)

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    (Rules)-Guild Recruitment-(12/04/2010)

    Post by Ney on Thu Feb 04, 2010 7:37 pm

    Guild Invitations Steps (In-effect as of 2/04/2010)
    Those who want the simple version, just read the bolded lines.
    Those who are the invitee, please read the green text.

    Step One: Invitee Send Info to Guild Majors(Leaders or Officer)
    - Invitee or applicant must send applicant’s info to Guild Majors.
    - Required Info from Applicant:
    1. in-game name
    2. Invitee's name
    3. Extra Recommendations
    4. Character's Race
    5. How you can benefit the guild
    6. 3 of your past Guilds
    7. total level
    8. top 5 best skills and their ranks
    9. Why you want to join
    10. Extra Info

    Step Two(Voting Process One): Guild Majority’s Vote
    - Guild Majors will set up the Guild Vote
    - Up to a minimum of 10 members must vote (Excluding the Guild Majors and Officials.)
    - If 7/10 members vote yes, applicant proceeds to the next voting process.
    - If 4/10 members vote no, applicant does not proceed to the next voting process.

    Step Three: 1 Week Trial
    - Applicant joins the guild for 1 week.

    Step Four(Voting Process Two): Guild Officials’ Vote
    - Once the 1 week is over, the Guild Officials will make a decision.
    - 5/6 of the Guild Officials must be present.
    - 5/6 (4/5 if 1 member is missing) must agree.

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