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    (Rules)-Guild Requests-(12/06/2010)

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    (Rules)-Guild Requests-(12/06/2010)

    Post by Ney on Thu Feb 04, 2010 8:34 pm

    Guild Requests (In-effect as of 2/06/2010)

    - Our Guild Bank char is “Tingling
    - (Non-Daily Adv Item) Requests can only be asked before Saturday
    - All (non-Daily Adv) Requested Items must be returned before Friday 5:00 pm (EST)/2:00pm (PST)
    - Daily Adv Items must be Requested 24 hours prior to the Adv Day of the item
    - To request for an item, you must post it on the request forum. Click Here.

    Requirements to Requesting items

    Daily Adv Items

    Guild low Priority Items - Minimum of 75 posts

    Guild Med Priority Items - Minimum of 75 posts and Senior Member +

    Guild High Priority Items - Minimum of 100 post and Senior Member +

    Guild Bank List/Categories


    Requesting Format

    - Name:

    - Requested Item:

    - Amount:

    - Reason:


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